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Application Guidelines

Guidelines for submitting applications

 Applications for assistance are made to the Society by social workers in State agencies and other charitable bodies. The Society will only consider applications made by such social workers, and will accept or reject applications at its absolute discretion.

An application form will be provided to social workers on request to the SIRKS office.

(Phone 01 6676213) (Email: roomkeepers.society@gmail.com)

Application forms must be completed in full, and include a typed cover letter on headed paper and signed by the social worker, please.

Forward to: Sick & Indigent Roomkeepers Society,

41 Fitzwilliam Square West, Dublin 2, D02 F961.  

Email: roomkeepers.society@gmail.com

1. Applicants must be resident in Dublin city or county.

2. Aid should be for severe distress such as a crisis precipitated by unforeseen illness/financial hardship. Particularly favourable consideration will be given where aid can contribute to getting the recipient back on their feet and achieving self sufficiency.

3.Requests for assistance will only be accepted from Social Workers or other recognised state agencies working with people in distress. Application must be signed by a qualified social worker in State agencies or other charitable bodies working with people in distress.

4. Statutory sources of aid and entitlements must first have been applied for and found inadequate.

5. The Society would expect that any person on whose behalf an application for financial assistance is made should, where appropriate, be liaising with Money Advice & Budgeting Service (MABS).

6. While aid is normally given to a family/individual once only, repeat applications in cases of particular need may be considered. No on-going commitments can be entered into, though aid may be dispensed on a phased basis if this is deemed best.

7. Requests for aid must be accompanied by a fully completed application form (as provided by the Society) and must also be accompanied by a covering letter, providing some background information on the circumstances leading to illness/financial hardship and quantifying the assistance being sought. The date of birth of the applicant must always be given.

8. Requests for utility bill payments must be accompanied by copies of the relevant bills. Estimates/quotes for new or replacement items such as furniture and white goods must also be provided.

9. The Society provides financial assistance on a wide variety of requests. Whereas all applications are reviewed and considered on their individual merits, the Society reserves the absolute right to refuse any application. In particular, requests for assistance may be refused in respect of the following; funerals, rent and deposits, rent and mortgage arrears, credit card payments and holidays.

PLEASE NOTE: The provision of the information outlined above, and in the manner requested, will help the Society to review and respond to your requests in a more efficient manner.